End of 150 and beyond

The first route is closed as of 9 o'clock today. Those who have finished are already enjoying the fact that they can just look out the window at the rain, that they don't have to walk far with skis on their backs and can enjoy their intense experience. Those who have gone further, on the other hand, have to look out of the rain into the windows to see how good people are there. The permanently nasty wet weather makes this year's event a pretty disgusting affair. This humidity will dampen the morale of even the toughest, like the guys from Polička's golden boat. They, as I wrote yesterday, under the weight of the water column left the race in Olesnica in the Orlické Mountains. We understand them completely.

Martina Stadtherrová, Daniela Vilma Havránková, Lenka Zemínová Daničková, Libor Rygál successfully reached the finish of 150 km in 2 days 6 hours and 46 minutes. Petra Francke, Šárka Jandusová in 2 days 8 hours and 28 minutes. We also count Adam Záviška, who finished with the first group, and Petr Batopýr Havelka in 2 days and 10 hours. Both were originally registered for 300km. Michal Polák decided to give up in Trutnov because of a lost ski and enough experience gain. He did a beautiful performance and when he came here to return the tracker, he admitted that he hadn't been on skis for 11 years. Anyone who has done it all, or less than that, hats off to him. The agro march through muddy meadow fields, icy roads, through the fog, and especially the never ending rain were a challenge for everyone. The result is not important, the satisfaction is, and everyone seemed happy.

And how does it look on the track? Matěj Jakoubek left the checkpoint in the evening and reached Machov after midnight, where he put his head down under the roof and now he is in no hurry, because the rain is supposed to let up a bit in the afternoon, which is a good prospect. On the way here he broke his stick in a fall, but he coped like McGiver and soon in the Eagle Mountains he can sting again. Martin Šilhán arrived after Matěj. He could be heard from a distance. Martin had made his sledge and he has a theory that if he already has a sledge, why carry it on his back, so he pulled it nicely on the asphalt and it went nicely through the quiet Maršovice valley. Here he rested briefly and went a little further into the night. It's his home region, so he knows where to hide for the night. Now behind the Broumovské Rocks. Luboš Kocourek, who closed the arrival of the competitors to the CP, also rested well overnight. And he is already heading towards the icy Broumov walls. Luboš is going with discretion and calmness, because Havířov is not yet behind him.

Martin Lazar, Tomáš Kadlec and Martin Gabla are fighting in the strong wind and rain along the ridges of the Orlické Mountains. The latter apparently slept under the roof on Šerlich and Tomáš and Martin bivouacked somewhere below Velká Deštná. In the obligatory sms they sent a short message "We are ok" which shows a hard day. Their text messages are usually four words in good conditions. However, it is possible to ski on the ridges of the Orlické Mountains, so it will certainly be a nice change. Our next base is the finish at 300km in Petříkov, so until then it's up to everyone how they deal with their fate on the course.

News from competitors can also be found here in the news section

So once again, congratulations to those who have made it and fingers crossed for those who still have their goal ahead of them. We say goodbye to Maršov and move to Jeseniky for CP 300km.

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