Final of the third day

Let's pick up the thread of the morning.....the smell of the goal or checkpoint drove everyone forward. Mud, ice, fog, and rain were everyone's companions all day. As the first of today we welcomed Matej Jakoubek in Maršov, he stayed a few hours to encourage others and now he is already cutting night kilometers over Broumov walls. Matěj looks good and is progressing sensibly, but the night and the humidity will upset everyone's psyche (except maybe the first two competitors - Tomáš K. and Martin L.).

Less than two hours after Matej, the first winners of the 150km route arrived. Although it is true that everyone is a winner. However, for the entries in the tables it was Daniela Vilma Havránková and Lenka Daníčková Zemínová, who made up the VilmaLena team. The trip tested their team spirit 🙂 In the girls solo category in the same time it was Martina Stadtherrová. She decided to banish the germs she caught with a three-day movement. She fought them bravely and we hope she won. Among the boys, again in the same group (because there is strength in unity) Libor Rygál and Adam Záviška reached the finish. Libor, thanks to a long braking with his chin on the first day and broken skis, reached the finish without skis but satisfied. Adam tested his ankle after the injury and thanks to 70 km of walking his ankle started to strike and did not allow him to go further. He was happy with the 150km mark and it became his goal.

Soon Martin Šilhán appeared. He made a very good sledge and so he was heard before he was seen - he pulled the sledge behind him even on asphalt. He freshened up, warmed up and continued a bit further. Like Matej, he still has 450 km to go.

Again, less than two hours after the first pack, a purely girl pack, which I called Mácháčské vlčice - Petra Hosťa Francke and Šárka Jandusová - reaches the finish. They will take unwanted souvenirs from the race in the form of big blisters and wet feet. But again, all with a smile.

An hour and a half passed and already the Bat's echolocation could be heard. Peter Havelka the Bat bounded up the hill by headlamp light and was glad to be glad. We were glad to see him too. He, too, had had enough of the wet experience here and once again pushed his imaginary line much further than last time

Now (22:00) Lubos Kocourek aka Kocka has arrived, for him it is the third. On the way, the sled left him, the bottom fell off. He didn't want to give them up, he tried to fix them, but in the end he held a minute of silence and said goodbye to them. So he just carried on with his pack and skis, though they won't be needed for a while. His arrival closed the finish and checkpoint in Maršov nad Metuji.

Unfortunately, pedestrian conditions claimed the first victims. Michal Polák was unlucky and his ski went deep into the valley on the frozen snow. He went to get it but never found it again. He continued on foot to Maršov, then through Rýchory to Trutnov. There he decided that his collection of experiences was already full and that was enough. So he withdrew from the race. Adam Záviška decided that instead of 300km, 150km would be enough for him this year. So did the Bat. And the guys from the Polička is a golden ship team, Martin Mazal and Vitek Pučálek, also filled the experience chest enough and it was more annoying (according to their words) than bringing them joy. Although they did not like it, they ended up on the finish line of less than 200km.

In front we have Tomáš Kadlec 600km, Martin Lazar 600km and Martin Gabla 300km, they are already on the ridges of the Orlické Mountains. Their pace is sharp and they are moving really fast. Martin with snowshoes, the other Martin and Tomas already on skis again. Which is great after 90km on foot. There aren't many shelters on the Orlické ridges so we'll see what strategy they choose.

Huge congratulations and respect to all of them for great performances, camaraderie and good atmosphere! The result is secondary, the priority is the experience and everyone fulfilled that to the letter.

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