JIBE JAHA (Jizera mtns-Beskydy mtns Jablonec-Havířov), is not so much a race as a solid adventure and a challenge, from which you will take away a lot of experiences, memories, joy, pain and you will become little bit stronger. You will be alone with your own self, you will be dealing only with a forward movement, a hunger, a thirst, a cold, a sleep, a navigation and an unexpected. You will get to know the beauty, but also the cruelty of the Czech winter landscape, and it gets under your skin.


Thursday 2 February (place to be specified)

  • 17:00 registration
  • 18:00 briefing
  • 18:30 dinner and beer

Friday 3. 2. 

  • 9:45 meeting at the start
  • 10:00 start

Wednesday 15. 2.

  • 10:00 time limit expiration 


Start – 3/2/2023 at 10:00 on the embankment between the First and Second dam in town Jablonec nad Nisou 

Finish -600km under the victorious Havířov arch, at Alšova 9, Havířov. 300km - log cabin 200m above the HS Paprsek station

Limit - the limit for 600km is 288 hours, or 12 days, ending on 15 February 2023 at 10:00. The limit for 300km is 144 hours, or 6 days.

length - approx. 600 km, approx. 300 km shorter version


– single men/women

  • foot
  • ski
  • bike

– teams

  • maximum three-member team, regardless of gender
  • the whole team must move together and stay within sight of each other.
  • one for all, all for one and the whole team must finish together. If one member gives up, the whole team ends.
  • the whole team must move in the same category (walking, biking, skiing)
  • members of the same team can help each other

– relays 

  • a maximum of four members of the relay, regardless of gender
  • each member of the relay moves on his own without the help of other members
  • each member can choose the style of movement (walking, skiing, biking)
  • each relay determines the place of the relay handover and the distance of the individual sections
  • the relay baton is the GPS tracker that you hand over to each other
  • the same rules apply as for individuals
  • at least one member of the relay must reach the finish line, but there is nothing like sharing the joy together


6000 CZK and includes tracker rental, race shirt, finishers shirt, Thursday refreshments, refreshments and a roof over your head for one night at the finish, photo documentation and whatever we can get. A refundable deposit of 1000kč for a gps tracker will be collected at the presentation. The entry fee is the same for the 300km, just with a larger accumulation of finishers there may not be room under the roof.

Cancellation - 100% money back if cancellation made by 2.11.2022, 75% until 30.12.2022, 50% until 20.1.2023, after this date the entry fee is not refundable.


The route is given. (The exception is the bike category). It follows in the footsteps of 'JIBE JAHA or March for the mother-in-law', which follows the route Trail through the Czech Republic and winter ViaCzechia trails, and often it just leads along a tourist trail that nobody walks on in winter. So a sense of navigation is a quality that will come in handy. Of course, you will receive a gpx route. I recommend you have the Mapy.cz app on your phone, where you can find up-to-date information on machine-made tracks and also accurate hiking signs and options for pubs, shops, shelters, etc. More about the route in the rules. 

It’s a challenging route and it can turn in minutes from ideal and idyllic conditions into a hellish march in deep snow or, on the contrary, no snow at all. That’s why you need to be prepared for everything.

Link to the route https://mapy.cz/s/marofelesa (the finish of the shorter route is in Kralický Sněžník, next to the HS in Paprsko)

Link to mandatory waypoints (bike category) https://mapy.cz/s/gefedozase

Starting at Checkpoint 600km and finishing 300km https://mapy.cz/s/hupesajudu


  • Cozy mountain cottage in the village Petříkov, no. 36
  • Inside there is a stove and there will be hot water and basic refreshment
  • You can sleep inside, on the floor or, if there is a bed, on it.
  • Inside you can charge your phone and everything you need, dry things
  • Competitors for 300km - the nearest train station is Ramzová, about 2km from the cottage


  • The route is fixed and you cannot choose shorter and sometimes more tempting routes. The exception is the 'bike' category, where there are only mandatory passes and you choose the route between them. Part of the mandatory equipment is a gps tracker, which you will be given before the start, and you will be tracked along the route by it. 
  • You have to move all the time, from the start to the finish, only under your own power.
  • It is possible to leave the trail, either consciously or unconsciously, but you have to always return to the trail at the same point where you left the trail. After leaving the route, you can move in any way you like. When you return to the route, you move again under your own power. This also applies if you are forced to use the route movement with the help of someone else to resolve an emergency situation - you must always return to the point where you left the route under your own power.
  • In the case of bivvy down, you must return the bivvy site to its original state.
  • For the bike category, there is a strict ban on movement on roads of the first class and above. With the exception of a few sections where a mandatory route for foot/ski category crosses major roads.
  • You carry everything you'll need on the trail. Any planned support that would provide you with refreshments, equipment or disadvantage others with their help is prohibited. Therefore, you can not have a support team or person with you during the race. You are on your own and your own skill (except in the team category where you have the help of other members).
  • To make it not so strict, a meeting with another person and their short accompaniment is possible, but only on the condition that other competitors are not disadvantaged (i.e. he or she must not go ahead of you, break the trail, navigate or provide everything described above).
  • In case of problems, you must help yourself or you can accept any random help. This means accepting what fate throws your way.
  • When using any road where motor vehicles are in use, it is compulsory to have the rear red flashing lights on, even in daylight. Applies to all.
  • There are plenty of options along the way where you can recharge your batteries, buy refreshments or accommodation. You can also send a package to the post office in your name, which you can pick up on the way. Competitors can help each other in any way. 
  • This is a non-stop race and the timing is up to you.
  • Fair play and following the rules are taken for granted because you do it for yourself and the biggest reward for your performance is the knowledge of what you have accomplished.
  • If you miss the race limit, you should not continue the race.
  • The minimum age of the participant is 18 years.
  • Under the Havířov ‘Arc de Triomphe’, you become a winner and you will be welcomed by Mrs. Mom, who will treat you as her own, fill your stomach and provide you with a roof over your head for one night before you pack up to go home. 


  • Be considerate of all other visitors and tourists on the route and do not restrict them in any way. 
  • Do not violate the regulations and rules of the nature reservations, do not enter private lands and buildings without prior agreement. In some parts of the Nature reservations there is a ban on cycling and therefore you have to push the bike if you decide to ride through there.
  • There is a strict prohibition to enter the machine groomed track for the classics, unless you are in the category of skier. Give skiers priority and be nice to them even if they're not going to be nice to you.
  • Never bivvy on the trail, step aside and make your site next to the trail to be out of the way.
  • And of course, there is an even stricter ban on throwing away or burying waste, everything needs to be thrown away in the places designated for it, usually it is a dustbin. 
  • Poo – never on trail, dig a hole and bury all the products well under the snow. 
  • When moving on any road or path where the cars are driving, keep your red light on and be clearly visible. Anticipate drivers' reactions - snow drifts, icy conditions, reduced visibility,...


  • GPS Tracker, which you will receive on Friday before the start at the presentation. When you're done, you'll drop it off at your mom's house. If you don't finish, mail it to our address.
  • Mobile phone – functional, charged and always on. This is so that we can contact you and you can contact us. So that you can call for help at any time. To make navigation easier. And some selfies and panoramas will also come in handy.
  • Thermal insulation foil.
  • Red rare light to be used on the roads.


  • Good down winter sleeping bag and a tested sleeping system. A bivvy or an expedition tent will come in handy on the ridges of the mountains – temperatures can drop below -20°C in some places, and when high humidity and strong winds are added to that, life can be at risk.
  • High-quality and spare clothes forcold and wet weather.
  • Well equipped first aid kit, navigation, compass, headlamp, spare batteries, heat pads, equipment repair items, toilet paper, cash (czech koruna).
  • From our own experience on the trail, we recommend a high quality backpack for walkers and skiers.   
  • In addition, possibly some light sledge (pulk) for towing, which can be easily strap to the backpack so that you can walk with it on the sections without snow.
  • For fat bikers we recommend strong nerves with never ending bike pushing in some sections (e.g. Broumovsko, Adršpach or mountain ridges).
  • You should be ready for anything, for any kind of weather, sleep anywhere at any time, carry out basic repairs and treat your injuries.
  • A powerful and lightweight powerbank.


  • There can be very challenging conditions on the mountain ridges. Strong winds, heavy snow, zero visibility, temperatures well below freezing, high humidity, all of this can lead to hypothermia, disorientation and serious injury or death. That’s why you need to be very careful in these parts, plan ahead, anticipate and do not take unnecessary risks. Everyone is responsible for their actions and decisions. However, the biggest danger is when on the roads, that is where you can get injured or killed by car. Icy and slippery road, snowy banks, low visibility. So be extremly cautious and never take any risk.
  • Moving on the roads is the biggest danger and threat, so always be as careful as possible and never take risks.


When presenting, you will sign a declaration that you are aware of the risks of the event and that you assume all responsibility for any personal injury (injury, permanent consequences, death). The same applies for damage to property and for damages or misconduct caused to a public or private authority. You start at your own risk and are aware that the event is not medically or organisationally organised. By your signature you also certify that you are in good health and are not aware of anything that would endanger your good health. Every mountain has its own Mountain Service and almost everywhere there is a signal to call for help. But only call for help in a real emergency. But above all and as a priority, do your best not to get into trouble, and when you do get into trouble, do your best to resolve it in a timely manner.


It’s not an obligation, but we’d appreciate it if you’d contact us from time to time so we know how you’re doing and we can virtually inform the world about your experiences.


If you decide to withdraw from the race, please notify us immediately by text or phone and when you get home, don't forget to send back the gps tracker or you will not be refunded the tracker deposit.


You will be given a time penalty for unconsciously shortening the route. Deliberate and repeated violations of the rules may result in disqualification. But it would be pointless to violate the rules because it’s about the experience, not the result.


If you finish the race, you'll get a finisher's shirt. The race is not for prizes and there will be no awards. There is no winner or loser. Results will be posted after the race.