from competitors #4

20:00 Lenka Zemínová - Thank you for the great experience...I have my 150 behind me and megarespect in front of everyone. I'm going to finally enjoy this follow me off the couch 🙂 Keep giving, keep giving!!!

21:00 I have to add my thanks to Vence, Hosta and the rest of the family for the great organization and beautiful route. I wish everyone who is on the route, good strength to reach the finish line in good health.

23:13 Martin Lazar - I'm ok. TK too

23:19 Martin Gabla - Mandatory text message: it's snowing! You would have loved it today, it was really nasty 🙂

0:00 Matěj Jakoubek - Servus! Third mandatory. Three cheers! Three bivouacs today, so third relaxing and easy day...except for the..., po...., zp...., meadows for sale.....Nádhera

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Matěj J. - what drags on does not run away and a hundred times nothing redeems the ox 🙂
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Bat - I think I'll sign up here 🙂

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