what Day Four brought

A large pack of stop-and-go crawlers dropped out of our monitor dot tracking, but even so, there is no shortage of unnecessary page refreshes at unnecessarily short intervals. The morning started with Luboš Kocourek's departure to the east. Again it was raining solidly and so there was nothing to envy. Luboš was troubled by some bug and when I saw on his phone that he was calling me, it was clear what he wanted to tell me. The bacillus had won over his body and there was no point in continuing in the current conditions. But it doesn't matter, it's a sensible decision and we applaud him.

Matěj Jakoubek was bivouacking in his friend's hut along the track and didn't rush anywhere in the morning when he saw it from the window. He reached Náchod, didn't stop unnecessarily and searched for a pub until he found it. He stopped only in the unity in Olešnice. Sure enough, he had some good food from the shelf and climbed up to meet the snow. He did, but although it was some form of snow, the cover of attacked needles was so thick that the speed of skiing was the same as if he had walked. He made it below Velka Deštna where he is bivouacking today. It's blowing like a pig

Martin Šilhán was not in a hurry either, which was probably a good thing, because rest makes a master and a good mood. You who know him won't believe it, but he smiled on the photo at sunset, He is pulling his durable sledge on and in his text message he wrote that today he will make it to Masarycka on the ridge of the Orlické Mountains and there he will ride.

Martin Gabla set off from Sherlich in the morning where he spent the night. In his text message he wrote that Orlický was very ugly and very difficult. But despite the situation he kept a steady pace and the relative proximity to the finish line drew him like a magnet. But it's not that close. He's now in Kraliky where he has his family fan club. He says he's going to rest up and move on at 12:00 tonight. It's still a long 45km from Kraliky.

Martin Lazar had a problem with his tracker and his phone, so we don't know much about him except that he's OK. All we know is that he's moving fast and nothing's distracting him. He's going to bivouac on the way to Sněžník, which is very reasonable.

And the current leading racer Tomas Kadlec is a demon, he goes and goes, or when we met him in front of the Rabbits he even ran. He looks fine and is going to rest on Sneznik and then attack the last 25km leading to the CP in Petříkov. Just for the record, Tomas is a big naturalist, navigates with paper maps and heats his sausages in a plate by pouring hot water over them.

In the afternoon the rain finally stopped and we finally saw blue skies after four days of racing. However, not to make it too fine again, the meteorologists issued a warning about strong gusty winds and their warning came true. Moreover, on the ridges it is one big ice after the high temperatures melting the snow. We hope everyone knows what they can afford and heads out to the ridges with the utmost caution.

Here in the mountains the signal is weak so only a few photos. Keep your fingers crossed!!

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