from competitors #5

14:18 Martin Gabla - The Orlické Mountains were pretty tough, so...

15:15 Martin Gabla . i don't race, i survive

17:05 Matěj Jakoubek - Hey!? And how do you drink beer from a can if you have a loom behind your head and don't want to throw your back out with every sip? And no, I don't have a straw in my straw bag.

17:07 Aunt Vera - Systematically squeeze the can from the bottom from the side

17:07 Adam Záviška - Poke him with a stick

21:06 Matěj Jakoubek - Shut up, you are smart again! 🙂 I thank you so much, but what is lying on the ground here looks like snow, but it is definitely not snow. It would be faster to walk. And if I didn't have iron edges, I'd kill myself on it...Oh, and since I just finished my broken cane by the sheer joy of a nice kiosk, that's what the hiking trip will be. Skol... I'll text you again, Venco, don't worry 🙂

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