Towards new experiences

Day and night are over. Almost everyone squeezed in and made it through the evening and night to Spindle, where Aunt Vera was waiting for them with a feast, wellness and open arms, it was hard for some to leave:) In the evening, a lot of soup, goulash and cake was eaten and a lot of beer was drunk which caused a temporary spoiling of the participants, but they all deserved it. The mood was great. The conditions on the ridges were quite unpleasant but bearable, foggy, windy but nothing fell. Those in a hurry didn't stay long at the checkpoint and headed out into the night towards an intense experience on the ridges. There they all bivouacked at least briefly, some in the shelter, some under the open cloudy sky. The girls' section completely set off in the morning along with others, and some are still packing up and heading out as well. Michal Polák bivouacked under Vosecka and soon we will be serving him eggs. Team Hobbits took it easy and spent the night at Jizerka, then moved on in the early morning. Today everyone is expecting a lot of Krakonoš fog, drizzle to rain and wind. Plus lots of hills and hard work. Today is going to be a hard day with a hard night at the end. Keep your fingers crossed.

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