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And how to prepare and pack? The physical side is not as important as the mental side. If you're strong in the head, you don't need so much muscle. Training is of course necessary, but it's more important to start with humility, calm and without big plans and ambitions. What's worse, though, is preparing the material and packing it sparingly and functionally. Everyone has different preferences and experiences. If you have no experience, it's a good idea to try everything out at least a little so that the basic tasks run efficiently. The ideal is of course to go as light as possible, but at the same time it is important, especially without much experience, not to limit yourself too much and not to worry so much about grams. Sometimes a few extra grams can mean significantly more comfort, and this is very important on the road.

You need to pack efficiently so that everything is easily accessible as needed. You don't want to unpack your whole backpack for a thermos. A backpack for skiers and walkers is a necessary item. Ideally, make a small and lightweight skeleton for it and when conditions are good, you can pull the pack behind you like a sled. Luckily you are always moving around in civilization, so there won't be a day that you don't come across a shop, a guesthouse, a pub, a cafeteria. On the other hand, the limit is set so that you have to try a little bit and spending whole nights in the comfort of a guesthouse and a chat won't get you to your destination. So you will need to be prepared for everything, for bivouacking in the snow, for strong winds, fog, snowfall or on the contrary for conditions without snow and rain. The reward will be short, but all the more intense feelings of happiness at sunsets, or when meeting good people, or after overcoming unpleasant moments. 

Let's start with the wardrobe and basic clothing. Vance's, for example, won't be all that different from Alaska's:

Functional, base layer:

Second or third layer:


But wear a hat too.)

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