from competitors #6

Tuesday 6.2.

0:14 Matěj Jakoubek - Těbůch, Venco! Looks like a disqualification. Four minutes past midnight. 🙂 But given my state of mind, it's still pretty timely 🙂

02:13 Tomas Kadlec - I've passed the royal I'm going to sleep (Tomas's first text message for the whole race 🙂

11:30 Matěj Jakoubek - I walked to Orlický. We'll see what Jeseníky. But I don't expect better condition 🙂

19:00 Matěj Jakoubek - After yesterday's experience I see it as a walk with immortals. It's fucked up on those skis and I'd have to fix the hulk. I have the stick, but not the time. 🙂 And I'm sending the fifth mandatory, in case you didn't know 🙂

22:06 Martin Šilhán - Hi, I'm looking for a stop in Králíky, my head is already fucked up from walking and it all hurts even more. So everything is ok and tomorrow night I hope to go at least to CP

22:26 Tomas Kadlec - High Hole trained me pretty well, I had to come back. I'm sleeping in the Figura Hotel

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Martin Gabla family
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Matěj J. The slopes at Morávka will shine on me!...And Bat! You can hang on those irons here 🙂
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Matěj J. - Finally

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