First day gone

23:00 This is JIBE JAHA too, good mood at the checkpoint and good time 🙂

22:00 News from the evening - race leader Martin Lazar warmed up for less than an hour and kept on going, Tomas Kadlec chose to lie down and rest behind him (because he is the master). Martin Gabla came and went like the wind. The guys from the team Polička is a golden ship also stayed very short and are already on their way. Now we are waiting for a big group coming down from the ridges. Michal Polak wrote that he will bivouac in a shelter about. The rest of us will definitely go to the spindle today and some of them will go further.

18:00 .The first day is gone and the first night is here. All the participants are sticking to the strategy to cross the ridges as fast as possible, because there will be hell to pay tonight. So the pace is high and everyone is holding up great so far, full of optimism and vigor.The weather is holding up so far with a few exceptions, but the rain and snow is coming and it is icy and solidly blowing on the ridge. It will be an intense experience. Martin Lazar is the leading walker, followed by Tomas Kadlec and Martin Gabla, all the others are already in Harrachov. The only team Hobbits stays sleeping on Jizerka today. We are ready in Špindl 🙂

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