After the second night

The night passed uneventfully as far as movement was concerned. In the evening Martin Mazal and Vít Pučálek arrived to CP in Maršov nad Metují, an hour after them Martin Gabla and Tomáš Kadlec and a little after them Martin Lazar. This concluded the evening waiting for the guests. All of them were properly tired, wet, mud, ice and walking where you would normally go on skis (Martin Lazar was the only one who enjoyed it as the only walker and said he always imagined when he walked through the mud where the ski trail probably leads here). No one slept for too long and between 6 and 9 am everyone went on their way. They are waiting for zigzagging through the beauty of the Broumov Walls and forestry work while climbing through fallen trees. With a view of the Orlické Mountains, but it's a 46km walk before they put their skis back on.

Matěj Jakoubek, still fortified with a few beers and limes, set off on a night march over the Markoušovice hills and got stuck in a garden house in Adršpach from where he didn't want to get up, but he will surely be on the track soon.

The group of boys and girls gradually descended from the ridges of the Rýchor Mountains and gradually gathered at the Poříčí guesthouse, where, in our judgment, they all slept. It had been a very busy day for them and drying their things and lying down under the roof was a priority. Because morning is wiser than evening. The guest suffered from solid blisters, but they drained them, put some lubrication on them and off we go again. In the early hours of the morning they sort of gradually set off together again. So we expect the first winner or winner in this group on the 150km route. Who will it be? Definitely a girl, because girls have priority

Behind them Luboš Koucourek bivouacked in a bed at Rýchorská bouda and Michal Polák in a shelter at Černá rivulet. Michal sent a photo in the morning about how clear it was and that it would be a nice day, unfortunately Krakonoš took revenge and arranged for his ski to go downhill into the forest and he never found it again. So now he is walking with one ski and on foot. Fingers crossed

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